Functional single cell imaging, selection and analysis

Uncovering aggressive cancer-driving cells with UFO microscopy and FUNsice workflow

Rare cell imaging

Improved cell tracking and rapid visualization on Ultrawide Field-of-view Optical (UFO) microscope


  • Capture molecular and (sub)cellular features and dynamics
  • Subcellular resolution
  • High-throughput single cell screening

Target cell identification and isolation

Functional single cell selection (FUNsice) and automated labeling by proprietary cell tracking algorithms

Key features

  • Real time cell tracking and identification
  • Real time cell labeling
  • High-throughput target cell isolation

Single cell sequencing and profiling

Single cell sequencing allowing rare cell subtyping and genotype-to-phenotype linking

Key features

  • Genotype-to-phenotype linking
  • Genomic or transcriptomic profiling of cells of interest (i.e. abnormal cancer cells)
  • Identification of drug targets
  • Biomarker discovery