Erasmus MC is the largest university medical center in the Netherlands. Our primary goal is a healthy population. Every day over 14,000 employees devote themselves to provide outstanding care, facilitating world-class education and conducting pioneering research. These professionals are instrumental in developing expertise on health and illness. They link the latest scientific insights to practical treatments and prevention measures to provide maximum benefit to patients and to enable healthy people to stay healthy longer.

Oncode Institute unites 800+ excellent basic cancer researchers in the Netherlands. Our mission is to drive innovations in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. The ultimate goal is to help patients survive, improve the quality of life for those affected and contribute to a more affordable healthcare system. Oncode Institute translates fundamental insights from cancer biology into novel diagnostics, new drugs and innovative treatments. The three strategic pillars of Oncode to improve patient outcome are Excellent Science, Collaboration and Valorization. Oncode is funded by the Dutch Cancer Foundation, together with the Dutch ministry of Economic Affairs & Climate Policy, the ministry of Education Culture & Science, the ministry of Health, Welfare & Sport and Health~Holland, with a total of €120 million until 2022.

Single-Cell Core aims to provide state-of-the-art single-cell sequencing technologies to the research community. By providing multiple methods to investigate the (epi)genome at single-cell resolution, we assist researchers to unravel the underlying mechanisms and drivers of differential gene expression, cell fate decisions and population heterogeneity. Single-Cell Core is a joint initiative between the Oncode Institute and the KNAW Hubrecht Institute.

Single Cell Discoveries is a dedicated service provider for single-cell sequencing, based in the Netherlands. Spun-off from the Hubrecht Institute for Developmental Biology, we provide our clients with complete single-cell sequencing services. We help researchers get the best out of their single-cell sequencing experiments by offering everything they need for a successful project – planning, experiments, and data analysis – under one roof. We are committed to making single-cell sequencing accessible to a wide research community, and focus on continuous development and offering the latest single-cell sequencing technologies.